The Learning Content You Need, When You Need It

From standard authored content, or something a little more advanced such as video, audio, simulations/interactive scenarios, bespoke elearning content is the perfect solution for when you’ve got a training need that’s unique to your business and something off-the-shelf just won’t cut it.

Bespoke Learning Content Development Services

Tailor-made learning experiences that employees love, admins find easy to manage, and businesses find great value for money.

Whether you’re upgrading from an existing solution, or just getting started, our bespoke LMS services give you the freedom to build exactly the solution you want in order to deliver the results you need.

From simple learning management, to fully-integrated talent experience platforms, we design innovative solutions capable of adapting to your changing business needs.

Specialist Content Topics

Benefits of Customising Elearning Content


Exactly the content you want/need


Control compliance & reduce risks

License fee free

Embed a culture of learning at all levels


Embed a culture of learning at all levels

SCORM & xAPI-Compliant Content, Compatible with any LMS

If you’re a Learn Cloud (SaaS LMS) customer, or we’re building you a bespoke LMS, we’ll upload the finished files for you once you’ve signed off on the content - ready for you to share with your team(s) straight away.

If you’re using an alternative LMS, or need to send xAPI files to an LRS, we’ll provide all the source files you need, so you’re still free to make any amendments you need in the future.

Gamification & Game-Based Learning

Engage your learners using gamified design that encourages participation and rewards the behaviours you want to develop.

Add a leaderboard to your LMS to foster competition and collaboration across teams.

Micro & Bite-Sized Content

Snackable content that’s available at the time of need, so learners can quickly access the key information on-the-job, and just-in-time.

Short videos and simulations are perfect when you need to “show not tell”.

Bespoke Elearning Content Alternatives

Bespoke content isn’t the only option when it comes to elearning.

We also provide ready-to-go course libraries, design & convert virtual classrooms, and can even provide an extra pair of hands to your in-house team if you’ve got a temporary need for some additional support.

Ready-to-Go Content

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Virtual Classrooms

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In-House Developer Support

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