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Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC), is a global leader in developing, manufacturing and distributing evaporative cooling, hybrid cooling and ice thermal storage products.

They meet clients’ specific cooling needs with high performance and environmental awareness with a product and solution for each market and need.

The Challenge

Previously, training for BAC’s sales and marketing division was delivered via face-to-face coaching, classroom training, and self-study of printed documents. They used a variety of systems to manage their learning, which was time-consuming and difficult to monitor. Thus, it was time to develop a more modern learning experience, offering a blended learning approach.

In 2016, BAC decided to look for a vendor to supply them with a flexible LMS to support their global learning programme, the BAC Academy. An important criterion of this selection process was the capability for the LMS to be scalable across other departments and learning needs as the company grows in the future.

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  • Delivery time

    5 months

  • Technology

    Totara Learn

The Solution

Following a year-long research process, BAC decided to work with Innovate Solutions. After initial discussions, Innovate considered recommending Moodle. However, they soon realised that Moodle would not support BAC’s complex hierarchical structure and reporting requirements, and ultimately recommended Totara Learn as a solution.

Innovate Learn then realised that becoming a Totara Partner would help them offer the best service to BAC, so in 2017, they officially joined Totara’s global partner network and started designing BAC’s new LMS.

“BAC prides itself as being the industry leader in innovation. That innovation is not just limited to our products. It includes how we use modern technology to develop our people, so they can perform at their highest potential. The LMS designed by Innovate and Totara will help us with our mission, as it simplifies and accelerates the training of our sales representatives, which helps them to differentiate BAC from our competition, and ensure that we remain the industry leader. “ "

— Robert Downey, Global Sales Development Manager, Baltimore Aircoil Company

The LMS was designed to be used for both onboarding purposes and improving the knowledge and skills of all colleagues, offering specific learning programs based on their personal needs. The learning provided on the LMS would support their professional development, personal job satisfaction, and improve their overall competence and expertise.

Innovate Learn also worked with BAC to create new e-learning content for the LMS. The internal SMEs at BAC create PowerPoint presentations and scripts.

Then, Innovate Learn transforms them into compelling e-learning courses using Articulate with professional voiceovers. These e-courses are then easily uploaded into the LMS. This process provides a much faster turnaround of new learning content for BAC.

The Results

After an initial launch of the LMS for 85 users in September, 2017, the platform has progressively expanded to include more employees across the globe.

The LMS has been very well received by BAC’s learners. It has a visually appealing look that matches the BAC corporate image. The user-friendliness is very good, because it is easy for the user to navigate and find what they are looking for. Learners also like that their training is organized in a structured way that promotes engagement and continuous learning.

The LMS Administrators like the variety of reporting options to enable them to monitor what learning activities are taking place. The LMS is also seen as a very powerful tool for managers supporting them in the daily coaching of their team and offering multiple ways to follow up on people’s training activities and program progress.

With Innovate, we felt comfortable from day 1 they had the right skillset and mindset to develop together with our project team a future proof corporate LMS.

Peter Van Hoof

Executive Program Manager, Baltimore Aircoil Company

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